50 of the best family travel blogs to follow in 2023

Looking for an incredible selection of family travel blogs that are bound to amaze, inspire, and influence you in 2023? We’re absolutely thrilled to introduce you to a collection of 50 absolutely phenomenal blogs dedicated to family travel. These blogs aren’t just about sharing stories—they’re about igniting passion, providing essential insights, and helping you navigate the exciting world of family exploration.

We’re proud to be part of a vibrant and enthusiastic community of families who share the joy of travel. When embarking on journeys with kids, the adventure can sometimes be wonderfully chaotic. That’s why surrounding yourself with a supportive community that eagerly shares their enthusiasm, skills, and experiences is essential. Each and every family featured in this article has left an indelible mark on us, reminding us why we’re committed to what we do.

Within these pages, you’ll encounter a diverse range of adventurous families hailing from every corner of the globe, each with their own unique travel style. From intrepid explorers and long-term travelers to worldschoolers, flash packers, budget backpackers, van lifers, and more—this compilation covers it all. You’ll find blogs that help you plan budget-friendly getaways, while others offer clever insights into the world of luxury travel. Some blogs guide you through the art of backpacking as a family without breaking the bank, while others enthrall you with breathtaking escapades and awe-inspiring photography.

Consider this article your introduction to an extraordinary community of adventurers, wanderers, and captivating storytellers. But here’s the beautiful truth that resonates from each of these inspirational families: You can do it too. Whether it’s summoning the courage to explore more daring destinations for your family vacation, taking a year off for an unforgettable family backpacking trip through Asia, or embracing a nomadic lifestyle by shedding material possessions—these family travel bloggers inspire us to shatter the confines of normalcy.

They beckon us to embrace greater adventures and to draw closer as a family. We’ve meticulously selected quotes and excerpts from these blogs that have profoundly moved us, and we’re eager to share them with you. So join us on this journey of exploration, and let these remarkable families show you that the world is yours to discover, experience, and treasure.

Top 50 Family Travel Blogs:

Top 50 Family Travel Blogs

Authority and expertise

Travel Style

Yura Travel

UK, Europe, Americas and the Caribbean, global

Adventure travel, itineraries, guides, unique place to stay and flying with kids

4 Degrees of Destination

New Zealand

Adventure, day trips, short trips and backpacking

5 Lost Together

North America, Australia, Europe, Asia

Intrepid adventures, backpacking, fast travel and expat life

Baby Can Travel

Europe, North America and baby and toddler trips

Family holidays, backpacking with a baby, outdoor adventures and more

Colin and Meg

Southeast Asia and Europe

Adventurous, backpacking, intrepid with a splash of luxury

Family Can Travel

The Americas, Europe and Asia

Family friendly adventures in the wild

Family on Standby


Short breaks, fast travel, adventure travel, savvy travel, standby travel

Family Road Trip Guru

North America, California, Canada

Itineraries and independent family adventures

Flashpacking Family 


Flashpacking, van life and family vacations

Flip Flop Globetrotters

Asia, Europe and the USA

Adventurous, backpacking, slow travel and family holidays

Four Around the World

North America, Europe and Southeast Asia

Family holidays, independent budget adventures and city breaks

Full suitcase

Europe and the USA

Outdoor adventures, road trips, backpacking and family holidays

Hangry by Nature

Australia, Japan and Southeast Asia

Adventure travel, family holidays, budget travel, backpacking and theme parks 

Insider Families

North and south America

Family travel, outdoor adventures, parenting

Jetlag & Mayhem

Singapore and global 

Expat travel, family holidays, kid friendly travel, baby travel

Kids are a trip


Road trips, National Parks, luxury travel, beach holidays, city breaks and cruises 

Kids on a plane

USA, Canada and the Caribbean

Cruises, theme parks and city breaks

Learning Escapes

Europe and the US

City breaks, family holidays and road trips 

Let’s travel family

USA and southeast Asia

RV travel, camping, digital nomad families, travel for bigger families

Local Passport Family

USA and Europe

Adventure, RV, hiking and adventures from your home

Marcie in Mommyland

The USA, Canada and Europe

Family holidays, vacations, city breaks and theme parks

No Back Home

USA, especially California, global

Trekking, National parks, intrepid family adventures

Otis and US

UK and Europe

Adventure, van life, outdoor

Our Globetrotters


Expat, luxury travel, road trips, outdoor adventures, city getaways, beach vacations and more

Our Next Adventure

USA and Europe

Savvy travel, city getaways and family holidays

Pit stops for kids

USA and lots of international destinations

Road trips, skiing, family holidays and city breaks

Raising Voyagers

Southeast Asia and Europe

Adventure, culture, worldschooling, ex-pat life and digital nomad travel

Sweet little journey

America and Europe

Amazing photography, intrepid and picturesque –  National parks, natural beauty, wonders of the world 

Tested by tots

UK, Europe

Family holidays, kid friendly travel

The Barefoot Nomad


Budget, backpacking, family holidays, fast travel and slow travel 

The FUNemployed family

USA, Europe, Southeast Asia and New Zealand

Backpacking with kids, digital nomad travel, adventure travel, sustainable travel 

The Jet setting family

USA, Europe and Asia

Fast travel, adventurous trips, culture, cruises and a splash of luxury

The Journeying Giordanos


Intrepid outdoor adventures and family holidays

The Travel Mum


Savvy travel, budget travel with kids, affordable family holidays 

This Adventure Family


RV life, worldschooling and outdoor adventure travel

Thrifty Family Travels


Budget travel, savvy travel, independent travel

Together we Roam

Australia and Asia

Family holidays

Top Flight Family

Americas and the Caribbean, global

Fun, food and luxury family travel 

Travel Babbo 


Backpacking, adventure, budget, top destinations, luxury

Travel Mamas 

USA and global

Family vacations, theme parks, cruises, road trips, romantic getaways and luxury travel

Traveling Canucks

Canada, the USA, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

Adventurous, intrepid and outdoor activities

Travelynn Family

Africa, Asia and Europe

Adventure, slow travel, family backpacking and campervan life

Wandering Wagars

North and south America

Intrepid family travel adventures 

Wanderlust and wet wipes

Southeast Asia and the Middle East

Expat living

Wanderlust Crew

USA and Europe

Road trips, family holidays and affordable family travel

Wanderlust Storytellers

Asia, Europe, Australia and North America.

Backpacking, long trips, family holidays and adventure

Wonders within Reach

USA and Europe

Accessible adventures, city breaks and theme parks

World School Family

Central America

World schooling, travel with lots of kids, slow travel and awesome lifestyle inspo

World Travel Family

Almost everywhere 50+ countries

Worldschooling, travel with kids, vacations, long-term travel, gap years, adventure travel, budget, luxury, group tours, and challenging destinations

Y Travel Blog

Australia and the USA. Global.

Culture, outdoor adventure, and intrepid family travel

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